Internet Regulations

Available in the holiday home and on the terrain of Sikory Hill

  1. General provisions
    1. Regulations of the wireless Internet access service – Hotspot (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) define the rules for using the Internet access service (“Service”) provided by PHOLLAND Sp. z o.o., based in Czaplinek (postal code 78-550), hereinafter referred to as Sikory Hill.
    2. The service may be used by any natural or legal person, as well as by any organizational unit without legal personality established in accordance with the provisions of law, hereinafter referred to as the “User”, after logging in to HotSpot.
    3. Logging in to the HotSpot service means acceptance of these regulations.
    4. In the event of non-acceptance of these Regulations, the User should immediately disconnect from the HotSpot.
    5. These regulations enter into force on January 10, 2022. and may be changed at any time by posting new regulations on the website .
  2. Obligations and reservations
    1. As part of the Service, Sikory Hill will make every effort to ensure that the Service is provided at the highest level. However, Sikory Hill reserves the possibility of interruptions in the operation of the HotSpot due to maintenance works and other random events.
    2. Internet access is not commercial.
    3. For network security and performance reasons, the availability of all network services cannot be guaranteed.
    4. The user is allocated a bandwidth with a maximum throughput of 8 Mb/s (download) and 8 Mb/s (upload).
    5. The session lasts only for the period as specified on the voucher – after this time the voucher will expire.
    6. The free WiFi internet at Sikory Hill is based on LTE mobile internet and is shared between all guests under a fair usage policy. On good days the maximum speed for all guests combined is 30 Mb/s, on average it’s about 15 Mb/s, depending on the weather conditions and how busy the mobile network is.
  3. User obligations
    1. The use of the network of access points will be at the sole risk of the User.
    2. The User using the Service is obliged to comply with the law, not to disseminate illegal content and generally accepted principles of using the Internet.
    3. The User is obliged to properly secure the device with which he uses the Service against unauthorized access from outside and, in the case of a computer, to have anti-virus software.
  4. Disclaimers
    1. In the event of a breach of the Regulations, Sikory Hill reserves the right to immediately block access to the HotSpot.
    2. Sikory Hill is not responsible for the data collected or transmitted by the User.
    3. Sikory Hill reserves the right to introduce restrictions on the use of access to protect the correct operation of the network, in particular restrictions on access to individual Internet services or the maximum amount of data transmitted.
    4. Sikory Hill is not responsible for any damage that the User may incur in connection with the use of access, in particular for:
      1. loss of data or destruction of the User’s software;
      2. disclosure of the User’s data;
      3. delays in receiving or transmitting data due to lack of transmission, incorrect transmission, delays or interruptions in access.
  5. Final provisions
    1. Sikory Hill reserves the right to change the content of the Regulations.
    2. In matters not covered by these Regulations, generally applicable law shall apply.
    3. These regulations are available on the website and at the holiday homes of Sikory Hill in writing.