Terms and Conditions

Applicable to holiday home rental and stay on the terrain of Sikory Hill

Tenant – person who makes the reservation and agrees to these conditions of Sikory Hill
Guest – person who is allowed to stay on the grounds of Sikory Hill after registration and agrees to these conditions.
Lessor – person who acts as administrator and manager on behalf of the owner of Sikory Hill

  1. Registration
    1. Guests are required to show a valid photo ID to the lessor upon registration.
    2. If the guest refuses to show a valid proof of identity, the lessor may refuse access to the grounds and buildings.
    3. On the registration form, the guest has to fill in guest’s first and last name.
    4. At the request of the guest, the lessor will fill in the other details and the guest can leave the lessor guest’s proof of identity (or a copy).
  2. Stay
    1. By staying on the lessor’s property, the guest agrees to these general terms and conditions.
    2. The holiday home is rented per day. A rental day starts from 16:00 and ends the next day at 10:00.
    3. The tenant is not entitled to transfer guest’s right of residence to other persons, even during the period that the tenant is renting the holiday home.
    4. The guest is not entitled to give non-registered guests access to the grounds or rented holiday home.
    5. A nightly quiet period, from 22:00 to 7:00 the next day, applies for the entire grounds.
    6. During the night’s rest period, when using the facility, the guest is obliged to do this in a way that does not disturb the other guests in any way.
    7. When leaving the holiday home the guest must close the skylights and exit door.
    8. On the day of departure, the holiday home must be in a tidy state (garbage in the appropriate containers, ash removed from the grill into a metal bin, clean dishes, used linen in the laundry basket, etc.) Otherwise the tenant may charge additional cleaning costs of 150 PLN. If the keys are returned to late on the day of departure, an amount of 120 PLN will be charged, after which the guest is granted an additional 2 hours for leaving the terrain.
  3. Other terms
    1. In the holiday homes it is prohibited – according Polish law – to smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products.
    2. Violation of the ban on smoking or the use of tobacco products in the rooms of the holiday home means that the guest agrees to pay the costs for disinfection of the space for an amount of PLN 250,00.
    3. The tenant bears the full material and legal responsibility for any damage or destruction of equipment or facilities of the lessor caused by the tenant or by in tenant’s name co-registered guests. The tenant is obliged to check the condition of the equipment (the list of equipment is available in the holiday home), at first entrance of the holiday home and to report any defects immediately.
    4. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use a stove, iron or other electrical equipment in the holiday home which are not part of the standard equipment in the holiday home. Exceptions are chargers and power supplies of audio-visual equipment and computer and telephony equipment. Open fire, for example the burning of candles, is strictly forbidden in the holiday home.
      The guest is requested not to throw cigarette butts or used matches into the waste bins, to not carry or store combustible materials, or to carry corrosive or unpleasantly scented substances.
    5. The lessor cannot be held liable for loss or theft of money, valuables, any other items or objects of value or for objects of scientific or artistic value. On the property, one car may be parked per holiday home at the reserved parking spaces. The parking spaces are unguarded and parking is at the guest’s own risk.
    6. The lessor offers its services according to its own standard. In case of doubt about the quality of the service, the guest is expected to report this immediately, so that it can be addressed to.
    7. Personal belongings left by the guest are returned, at guest’s expense, to an address provided by the guest. If the guest does not respond, these belongings are kept for 3 months after which they are donated to a good cause or destroyed.
    8. In case of violation of these general conditions, the lessor has the right to discontinue the provision of services. The guest is hereby obliged to respond immediately to the requirements of the lessor, to settlement of outstanding amounts and to payment of any damages or losses, and to leave the property of the lessor.
    9. The lessor can refuse a guest who has grossly violated these general terms and conditions during a previous stay – in which damage was caused to property of the lessor or other guests, personal damage to a guest, employee or other persons who stayed on the lessor’s property – or has disturbed others in a different way on the lessor’s property.
    10. Parents or their guardians are responsible for the safety of children staying at lessor’s property.
  4. Media
    1. The usage of media in the holiday home – e.g. use of water, electricity, heating, and internet – is included in the rental price on the conditions of normal use. In case of excessive media usage by the tenant, the lessor has the right to charge tenant for the excessive consumption usage.
    2. With connecting to the free internet the guest agrees to the service’s terms of use.
    3. Media is provided in a best effort and lessor cannot be kept liable, especially when a disruption of the media is caused by the service provider or the provider’s distribution network.
    4. In the event of a media disruption the guest can notify the lessor. After notification the lessor will contact the provider of the media, keep the tenant informed about the duration of the disruption, and may provide the guest with an alternative for the disrupted media.
  5. Booking conditions
    1. Bookings can be made in the following ways:
      a) Online by using a contact form on our website
      b) By telephone
      c) By e-mai
    2. Until the request for a booking has been confirmed by the lessor and a deposit has been received, the booking is only an application for a booking.
    3. The booking is confirmed with an initial payment of 30%, to be paid within 3 days after making the booking. The remainder of the amount, plus a deposit of PLN 500 must be paid in cash at the key handover. The deposit is refunded in cash upon departure, after a joint inspection of the holiday home or no later than one day if it’s by bank transfer.
    4. Data for making the payment:
      PHOLLAND Sp. z o.o.
      IBAN: PL 68 1500 1113 1211 1004 4637 0000
      BIC (Swift) code: WBKPPLPP
    5. No payment, as described in point 4.3, equals a cancellation of the booking.
    6. Making a payment automatically means that the provisions of these terms and conditions are accepted.
    7. The full payment must be paid at the latest on arrival. The following payment methods are possible: cash or bank transfer.
    8. The rules for reimbursement of prepaid amounts relating to a booking made are as follows: In case of cancellation by the tenant, the deposit will not be refunded.
    9. A later arrival than the start date of the booking does not entitle the tenant to a discount. In the case of an early departure, the total amount for the stay remains unchanged.

These terms in English are a translation of the terms in Polish. The general terms and conditions have been drawn up in accordance with Polish law. To the extent not provided for in the general terms and conditions, the Polish Civil Code is applicable.